So, we walked down to see where the Sands Convention Center was tonight and then we noticed that the doors were not locked. Hmmmm. Ali and I look at each other...Should we go in?......YES ~ let's do it!!!! So we walked in and then snuck into the show. The vendors were still putting up their booths. We saw Daisy D's, but they had blankets over their stuff. Boooooo! We mapped out where MAMBI, Heidi Swapp, Autumn Leaves, Bazzill and Inkadinkoo were and a bunch of others. We want to map out where we are going to go first so we can get our orders in first. Yahoo! It was so fun! We were so sneaky. Ha ha ha! No one ever even said anything. It was so funny. And then we found a shortcut on how to get there in the morning. And then we went back to our hotel and gambled and got tipsy ~ which brings us to this post! Ha ha ha! We're having fun guys!!!Tune in tomorrow!!!Michelle & Alison


~dawne said...

Looks like ya'll are having way too much fun. can't wait to see more pics

Julie said...

You ladies are livin' the life!! I can't wait for the AMM store to get all teh new goodies!!