Did you know . . . .

We have started a "Everything Photography" forum on the site? We have some INCREDIBLY talented photographers at A Million Memories and so we wanted to give them a place to talk about their work and also give us all tips.

Karenika and BeckyH1 have started Photo of the Day and Photo Tip of the Day . . . they have NO IDEA how thankful we are . . . I have been wanting to learn how to use my camera more effectively for YEARS and have not yet - so this is really really something that I am follwoing closely!

Photo of the day is also a place for you to come and put up your favorite photo(s) for us all to ooohhhhh and aaahhhh over!

So whether you are a beginner or an expert - there is something to learn or teach! Come visit!

I have posted some photos above of the photos from yesterday. . . . aren't they gorgeous? The theme was Nature!

Friday Night Chat with Cheryl Mezzetti

Please join us Friday, August 17 at 6:00 p.m. PST for an online chat with Cheryl Mezzetti.
If you haven't seen what she did with AMM's August kit - you can either look at the slide to the right or go here!
We will be giving away prizes and Cheryl is also going to be giving away some Creative Imaginations goodies! Don't miss it!
P.S. We just got an email from Cheryl and she says she is gonna have something from Magistical Memories to give away as a prize too!
CI and Magistical Memories . . . . .WAHOO!


Michelle's husband, Mickey, came up with this FABULOUS idea - the MOJO Room . . . . This forum is for those times when you just can't find the MOJO . . . . come by and get ideas to get the creative juices flowing again or drop an idea on how YOU get your MOJO back!

We have asked a few of our past Guest Designers to help us get this room started and thankfully - they have all risen to the challenge. We have ideas from Elsie Flannigan, Leslie Ashe, Wendy Reed, Teresa Collins and of course, the talented design team here at AMM!

***Speaking of Elsie . . . . she sent us this new picture - HOT OFF THE PRESSES! Is she too cute or what?***