Product Spotlight by Suzanne Brooksbank

Anyone who knows me, knows I love stamps. I can't get enough of them.

The one thing that I especially love is how versatile stamps are. You can use them over and over again plus you can get so many different looks with them. You can stamp them with a solid color. You can use markers to color them and make the image different colors. You can stamp it and then color it in with watercolors, chalks or colored pencils. You can use embossing powder or stamp with bleach. I mean, the possibilites are endless when it comes to what you can do with just a single stamp!

One thing I look for when buying stamps are stamp sets. It's amazing how many things you can do with one set and the value is incredible. Pick a stamp or two and you'll get one look. Then pick a different stamp or two or even three and get a totally different look, all from the same set of stamps. When I saw the "Scribbles, Hearts, and Stars" set from Autumn Leaves, I immediately fell in love. This set is so versatile. You get a bunch of cool looking hearts and stars. You can use these on so many different pages. Whether you're doing a page about an adult, a teenager, a boy or a girl, these stamps can work for practically any theme.

Stamps can also be a timesaver too. I created this page of my daughter and her best friend in a matter of minutes. The foundation of my layout is just a sheet of kraft colored cardstock which I stamped with chalk ink using stamps from this awesome stamp set. I love how the chalk ink looks so vibrant even on the darker background. I basically created my own patterned
paper using seven of the stamps from this set. I combined it with some chipboard from Fancy Pants and Rusty Pickle and my layout was done in no time. I even stamped on top of the large painted arrow to give it a little more "texture". I love that this page was so quick and easy to do because of the stamps. And if you're like most scrapbookers and are trying to get "caught up", you'll appreciate the ease and versatility of these stamps!

So head on over to the AMM store and check out this great set of stamps


Jenni said...

Oh! I have these them!!! This is adorable Suzanne!

Bebhin said...

Well said.