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For those of you that don't go to Willow Traders . . . here is the review of our March kit by Christina (THANK YOU CHRISTINA)!!!
"HAPPY HAPPY MARCH WILLOWS!!! Today is our 2nd anniversary here at Willow Traders and wait until you see who we have featured this month!! Give it up for A MILLION MEMORIES!!!! WOO HOOOO!!!! This is one hot club ladies!! We don’t have a second to waste so get your bubbly, or what have you. It’s cause for CELEBRATION!!!! You know the drill!!! GO! {hiccup}…………………….Oh. Excuse me if I’m already on my second glass of bubbly ………I couldn’t help myself. {hiccup} …………….oh my, EXCUSE ME! OK, Da Facts: 6 month sub $24.95 3 month sub $26.95 1 month purchase $29.95 Shipping is $5 flat rate and they ship on the first. And Paypal IS EXCEPTED! Now, the fun stuff! I have to say when I got this kit the first thing I noticed was how well packaged it was. The paper came wrapped in kraft paper with 2 pieces of cardboard on each side to prevent damage during shipping. The emellies are all packaged up in nice neat zip locks. I LOVE that there isn’t anything floating around. Everything is in a package or wrapped. Nice! Gina if you are out there, listen up girl. This kit in a nutshell is ‘P.L.EH.’ Wha???? Do I hear you asking, “What in the world does that mean?” Well I’ll tell you my pretty. This kit is Paper Light, Embellie Heavy. Aggghhh!!! The papers in this kit I don’t think have even hit the stores yet. They are from a new company called, “Sweet Bella”. You will receive five papers from this line and 1 paper from the Just Us collection by Prima. All of the sheets are double sided. The Sweet Bella papers are very dreamy, soft and romantic. The color palette include soft blues and pale yellows with scroll prints and faded images of antique books and vintage posters. This line is not something I’ve seen before. In the industry today, that’s a pretty amazing accomplishment. So six papers, ladies, I love that! Ready for some embellies!? Shall we start with some chipboard ? But not like you get in other kits. What sets this apart from the rest is the diversity in the pieces you get and the AMOUNT of pieces. In my kit I got 13 different pieces, and that’s not including the negative in the pieces. I got photo corners, tags, frames, brackets, scrolls, paisley and more!!! It’s not all arrows or flowers, KWIM? There are so many different pieces here!! Ok there really are so many embellies I just am beside myself as to what to share with you next. Ummm…….{closing my eyes and picking something up off my desk}…………………….DING! DING! DING! OK, I picked up a package of matching Sweet Bella Chipboard tags. These are completely different from the bare ones included. These are made by Sweet Bella and are LARGE and in charge!! Charles in Charge that is! {tee hee…….do you remember that show? Scott Baio was my first husband you know?} Ohhhh……ya. The chipboard! So these pieces are big and finished, they match the collection of papers and are BEAUTIFUL ladies. So very pretty, make sure to scroll down and take a look in the photo included. So remember how I said the feel of this kit is everything vintage and romantic. Well the embellishments only bring that theme home. You will receive a Making Memories Vintage Scroll frame. It’s embossed and antiqued and goes so beautifully with the rest of the products. My FAVORITE goodie in the kit is the Fabric flower from Junkitz. It’s ivory and includes lace and a button for the center. Ohhhh……it’s just dreamy! We all know we can’t really call a kit, ‘a kit’ unless we have an alphabet, right? Well how about TWO in this one!? My new favorite kind of alphabets are the teeny tiny ones and you get on in this kit! Its made by MM and comes in black. There are 468 alpha stickers in it so that gives you an idea of how many of each letter, number and punctuation you get!! You can do SEVERAL projects and layouts with these alphas. What would vintage be without a little something from 7 Gypsies , huh? You get a full set of rub on monograms. And in black! Perfect contrast to the soft palette we have going on. Finally we are up to what I have been holding back on. It’s so pretty and packed with wonderful goodies I kind of don’t want to open it up! It’s a little ziplock back FULL to the brim of goodies and I’m having so much fun as it is flipping it over and over and finding something new each time I do! ………………….Oh, OK already! I’ll open it……………….. WOW!! Wanna know what’s in here? Well I think the more appropriate question is, “What isn’t in here!” We have RIBBON! Three different kinds! We have prima’s!! Several small and medium ones and then a ton of these lovely teeny tiny flowers. They are TOO CUTE! And A TON of buttons! All kinds! Clear, white, ivory, small, medium and GIGANTO! Just a ton to use to your hearts content. You also get a couple of those sales tags to play with and a page from a book to alter and incorporate into your projects. I tried reading mine and while I don’t know what language it is, I do know that it’s not English or Spanish. The next few items are what sets AMM apart from other clubs. They include things you just don’t get in other kits. First up are three foreign postage stamps. These things are so cool, they are real stamps! You will also get a 7Gypsies post card, how appropriate, huh? A miniature monthly calendar which I LOVE and know I’ll use up in a flash. It’s miniature and is in ‘sticky’ form and THE WHOLE YEAR is included! Gosh I love that thing. And I’ve NEVER seen those items listed! Very cool ! I love getting things in kits that haven’t been done before. Um…….I know you thought we were done but NU-UH! We even have a rubber stamp included! It’s a date stamp with the most beautiful scrolls on each side. Just lovely and fitting for the tone of this kit. What a great kit, huh? Now let me talk a little about the club itself. It’s run by Allison and Michelle. They took over the club in September of this past year. They have done a wonderful job of not only breathing life back into AMM but breathing it right up to being of the best selling clubs out there. We all stalk the posts of the beautiful limited edition kits that AMM has become famous for. The photos are up close and detailed. I love that they not only put out an amazing monthly club each month but they also put out limited edition kits for those of us who need a little bit more! Their kits are amazing and so is their customer service. I’ve seen it first hand on the boards. Questions by Willows, Pm’s being sent and AMM is right there answering each question personally. I love that they are right here with us on the boards. It’s a major bonus in my book. Readily available and happy to help, what more can we ask for? I think if you are looking for aheavily embellished club this kit is for. The paper lines in previous kits are all very romantic and dreamy. Just beautiful kits. Take a look here and see what I mean: http://www.amillionmemories.com/ Christina OUT! "
Christina - again - thank you for the KICKIN' review and the great opportunity!!


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