Party Like a Scrap Star T-SHIRTS on sale now

Come checkout our new cafepress store. We are not making a profit on these so that we could make them as cheap as possible. We hope you like them! Here is one of the shirts:

We also have totes, stickers and many others!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME BLOG! I luv all the new stuff you guys have done to it. Karen great job on the new clothing, bag and bumper stickers. You guys are amazing and making AMM ten thousand times more fun than ever.


Anonymous said...

Ok its not posting what I put in. This is a trial post again.


Becky Heisler said...

These are so awesome !!!

The Design Experiment said...

ZOMG!!! I want these!! Esp. the baby onesie!!!


Lucy Edson said...

Love it! You've done a great job on the blog update, Karen!

Norma Kennedy said...

Oh My goodness luv the new look here and those shirts are fab !!!!!

Norma Kennedy

Bucket said...

Great job! I love the new site! The shirts came out great too!!