feels like summer

I don't know how the weather is at your place, but in Holland it feels like summer! And I mean, really summer! The sun is shining all day long, and it's really hot.
Most of the people are packing their bags with swimsuits, bathtowels, sunlotion and so on. But me........I scrap! Saturday I got my May kit, kids were at grandpa and grandma, so it was 'ME-TIME!'
The whole table was filled with scrapstuff.....( I like that even more than filled with food...lol). I started to scrap with the may kit....which I really love! It's all romance which came over me seeing those papers. Here's one of the layouts I did with the kit; I really enjoyed scrapping hour after hour that day. Not even jealous at all those people lying side by side (like little sardines in a can) on the beach.
But ok, not want to look like a ghost whole summer ( I'm really that white ), I got my little tan today. Being at my moms as a late mothersday visit, we sat in the sun most of the day. Which was nice also.

Speaking of my mom.....she got this present from me today, which almost made her cry. Well, I think that's the most beautiful response I could get from her. And because she's such a beautiful woman, I will show you the present too. On the photo she's about 18 years old. But I must admit she still looks that gorgeous!

So, if you also have this nice weather over there; enjoy it! But don't forget to scrap for a little while....;-)

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