New Class By Karen Grunberg

You might know her at AMM as Karenika. She is on the AMM design team and is probably one of the kindest people you would ever meet. Well, she is teaching a new online course at NYC Scraps about mini books called "Holiday Mini Book Formulas". If you know anything about Karen, she is all about the journaling. She is the kind of person that takes scrapbooking seriously because it is all about the story and the art is all very personal. It is not to be judged because it is just about YOU. She can put this much more eloquently than I can, LOL. You can check out her challenge blog too. It is called Creative Therapy and there is a link for it on the sidebar on this blog. This particular week was very moving for me because it was about documenting your most prized possession. Their guest designer this week was Melody Ross of Chatterbox and her work and her WORDS inspired me so much that I immediately did something of my own on it. It was very moving, so I encourage you to go and read it.

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Lori Gentile said...

I cannot wait for Karen's class. She is amazing. I, also, loved Melody Ross this week. She made realize many things about myself and my "art".