What a mess!

I know that I have to go through it, but it's hard. Not that I'm a real good housewife, I'm pretty messy myself, but this is really really really messy!!

Yes, we are getting a new kitchen. We had a small one, and now we're going to have a lot more space to put all our stuff in. And we are also going to have an oven! yay! ( that means; PIZZA!)

And another positive thing about it all is that the crockery set that is now in a cupboard in the livingroom will be kept in the new kitchen....and that means more space in the cupboard for scrapstuff! ;-)

Here the pictures of what it looks now.....

By the way, we didn't bury someone under the cement...;-)

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Cathy said...

Having lived through my own kitchen makeover which took 18 months, I can symphatise any time I hear of someone else having their's done. Good luck... I can tell you though that it is worth it in the long run.