How to

Do you wanna know how to make this LO?
Here is how to.

Take a piece of kraft cardstock and make the edges old with the edge scraper and distress ink.
Tear a piece of dessin paper and do the same.

Cut some pieces of die cut paper and paint them brown

Put them a bit under the dessin paper

Tear some pieces paper from an old book, and put them in the edges, under the dessin and die cut paper

Make the edges of the photo old with sanding paper, or a file

Tear another piece of paper and treat it with the edge scraper and distress ink. Put it half under the photo and add a piece of ribbon to it.

Than take a piece of bubble plastic and brown paint, and put some on the LO

Take an old tag and put some 3D tape under it

Stamp 1 of the corners with a corner stamp and black paint.

Finish it with some flowers, buttons and a piece of paper

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