Frosty Acrylic Tutorial by Tonya Dirk

Tonya Dirk created this fun winter tutorial!

Supplies needed:
Self Healing Mat
Clear Scraps Acrylic piece
Sanding block
Versamark ink
Clear embossing powder
Heat tool
Heavy book


1) Remove film from both sides of acrylic piece

2) Take sanding block and place flat against your acrylic piece and sand back and forth, up and down, and all around the entire piece making it nice an frosty looking.

3) Take stamp and ink it up with Versamark and then stamp on the same side of your acrylic piece that you just sanded. Stamp as many times as you like. Note: I am using a different stamp than the first photo above.

4) Pour embossing powder over all of your stamped areas. Lift up acrylic piece and pour off excess powder onto a scrap sheet of paper. Return the excess to the container.

5) With heating tool heat emboss your stamped images. Your image has been successfully embossed once it turns clear. I use tweezers to help me hold the acrylic during this part because the acrylic gets hot! Now, Clear Scraps acrylic will curl up on you as it gets good and hot…just like Shrinky Dinks. Don’t worry we’ll fix that. This piece is half heat embossed and half not.

This is what my piece looked like once I was done heating it. It is now cooled here.

6) Now turn you piece over and reheat the entire back side until the entire thing is nice and hot and pliable. Flatten it out as best you can as you go. Once the entire thing is hot quickly place a heavy book on top and press down. In about 30 seconds it will be cool and flat again. You can always reheat certain areas to make them flatter until you are happy with the shape again.

Here is my finished piece.


Lori Gentile said...

What a cool technique, Tonya!

Chris C said...

That is such a cool project Tonya! I may have to try this.

The Melanson Crew said...

Oh what a cool idea! You are so fancy!

Pamela said...

What a great tutorial! Thanks...I need to try this!

wendela said...

wow!! It's beautiful Tonya!