Technique Tuesday with Corien vd Oever

Make your own Coffee Stained Paper

Boil some coffee grounds in water. Immerse the paper in the mixture so it gets brown and spotty from the coffee.Make sure you have enough stains so the paper won’t be too light. After all your paper is stained, wet each piece a bit and put some grains directly on the paper.

If the grains are to sticky - take a piece of tissue paper, wet it and carefully rub gently over the grains so they will open a bit. Be careful not to rub too hard or too much orse the effect will be gone.
Let the paper dry and now you can use it. Or you can put some paint over it with the tissue paper. Be careful to use the paint sparingly so you can still see the coffee spots.

Enjoy! Be sure to share your projects with us in the A Million Memories Gallery!

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wendela said...

wow Corien!! What an amazing technique!! Thanks for inspiration!