Technique Tuesday with Jennifer Findlay

Mini Gift Book Instructions by Jennifer Findlay

1. Cut a 12x12 piece of patterned paper down to 6x12. Select a piece of patterned paper that has a smallish print. This will look best and not be too overwhelming once the book is complete.

2. Fold the 6x12 piece of patterned paper in half length wise3. Now fold the 3x12 strip in half horizontally.4. Open the paper up and fold both ends towards the middle crease and open up the paper back to 6x12.5. Cut the creased edge of the two center squares.6. As you refold the 6x12 piece in half length wise, pull the paper open where you just made a cut. Refer to the picture below.7. Now fold along the creases so that you have 4 two sided pages.8. Now for the cover. Cut a solid piece of cardstock 4x6.5.
9. Wrap this around your four page mini book.10.To bind the cover and pages together you could use a sewing machine, a stapler as I have done, or sew it by hand. Decorate your cover and inside pages and you have a great little mini book to attach to a present or include with a card. It could be the gift itself!

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