Layout of the Week - Gianna at 3 by Maureen Rizzo

Rachel Hall selected this week's Layout of the Week! She selected this sweet layout by Maureen Rozzo (Moerizzo).

Gianna at 3
I love this layout because of the dynamic and effective way that a decorative edged paper is used in combination with other coordinating papers that aren't the same manufacturer. What a great way to show the versatility of patterned paper and of how well you can combine and mix and match your favorite manufacturers! The other thing that really stood out was the subtle yet beautiful and impacting embellishments that strengthen the focal point of her layout, the adorable pictures! Raising the wings of the butterflies added that extra touch that make this beautiful layout truly eye popping!

View more of Maureen's work in her AMM Gallery!

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Moerizzo said...

AAAAh I am such a dope I did not even see this. Thanks so much!