Technique Tuesday with Lucy Edson

Hand cutting Tips
Don't you love to see perfect hand cutting? You know the kind I it was cut with a die cut machine. It is a lot easier than you think and with just a little practice and a few tips you will be an expert cutter yourself!

Tip 1 - Always cut your image loosely from the paper before trimming close.

Tip 2 - Use a SHARP pointed, short scissor. I like Cutterbee's. I keep them for only hand cutting with a special ribbon tied in the handle so they don't get mixed up.

Tip 3 - Leave a margin around the edge of your image. Your flower or image will be more defined and if you mess up a little it will show less if you leave a margin. Try to keep the margin fairly even.

Tip 4 - Move the paper and not the scissors - do you know what I mean? The hand with the scissors should be still, except for opening and closing the scissors. Move the paper into the blade and you will get a smoother cut.

Tip 5 - Try to make long smooth cuts where possible. It is much easier to cut a smooth line when it is long and not little choppy cuts.

Misc. Tips -
-For interior cuts I use a craft knife on a self healing mat.
-When cutting out flower petals I always try to cut toward the center of the flower - not around the entire petal.
-Make sure you show off your hand cutting by popping it up with a pop dot for dimension.

It is amazing what a little detail will do for a project and it doesn't really take as long as you might think, so give it a try!

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