Little Something Sunday with Karen Grunberg

Summer Fun
One of the few disadvantages of living in sunny California is that we don't have a wide range of weather from season to season. While I disagree with those who say there are no seasons in California, it certainly doesn't have the sweltering hot days or the freezing snow days we had when we lived in New York City. Even with the mild difference between seasons, I like to celebrate the small things that are only around for the duration of those three months. I like capturing the changing of the leaves.

Or the snow, even if it's fake snow.

One of the things that's special to summertime is all the blooming flowers. Last year, I made an album documenting all the colors and fruits in my yard (and I am glad I did because I don't live there anymore and I will get to remember that house forever through this album.) Here are some pages from my album:
You can see the full album here.

What's special about summer where you live? Do you cook different meals in the summer (maybe more salads or fruits)? Do you have a summer house you go to? Do you spend a few days at the beach? Do you go hiking? Maybe you spend your days at the pool because it's too hot. Or you're stuck in the non-air-conditioned subway stations like I used to be. Whatever makes your summer different from the other seasons, take a moment to document it. Life changes quickly. Soon, you might live in a different town or make new traditions and you will be glad you documented your life now so you can preserve its memories forever.

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