Manufacturer Spotlight; My Little YEllow Bicycle

I always think it is interesting to see how different designers will use the same product but get such different results. The design team was sponsored by My Little Yellow Bicycle with products from Fresh Print Traveler collection. So today I am going to highlight our projects using this die cut sheet we each received.

First up is Tonya Dirk's layout, "Wherever You Dream". SHe kept her design really simepl and I love that even though this one uses travel themed paper, the die cut, that the topic behind this layout is not about traditional travel.

Next is a lyout by yours truly. In this layout, "Family Road Trip", I used the die cut but set it off the edge of the cardstock page to add some visual interest by putting it all off center. I cut out the center of the die cut page and backed it with the map printed page.

Lastly, is this one by Hilde, "Relax" who also used the travel themed die cut for a non travel themed layout. She added some faux stitching around the border.

So as you can see, travel themed papers need not be reserved for travel topics. If you would liek to see more of the design team's work with these papers, check out the My Little Yellow Bicycle Gallery here. You can get yourself soem of these papers in the shop here.

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