Technique Tuesday with Mia Caniza

For this Technique Tuesday, I wanted to show you how easy it is to incorporate your scrapbooking supplies into fashion. I took some scrapbooking materials and turned them into some fun SATC Carrie-esque headpieces.

Here’s how to make a canvas headpiece.

Step 1: Trim off a 1 ½” piece & a ¾” piece from two canvas sheets. I used the Prima Canvas Printed Sheets for this. They were both 12” in length.

Step 2: Take some needle and thread, sew a running stitch through the length of the canvas pieces. Tug the string on one end to ruffle the pieces. Knot the string to keep it in place. Glue the ends together to make a ruffled flower.

Step 3: Take a 2” circular piece of felt and glue the large ruffled flower on the felt, keeping the flower tight in the center. Layer the 2nd ruffled flower on top of the first one.

Step 4: Add a large pearl center to the middle of the piece and some bling swirls.

Step 5: Take some hot glue and adhere the flower to the headband. Hold in place until glue cools and enjoy!

Here’s how to make a headpiece from paper.

Step 1: Draw 2 sizes of teardrop templates onto a piece of chipboard. Cut the templates out.

Step 2: Trace templates onto 2 different patterned papers. I used about 7 pieces of each size. Cut out the patterns. Take some matte gel medium and paint the topsides of the patterns. Let pieces dry.

Step 3: Spray the pieces with a sealant, such as Creative Imaginations Super Seal, to lock out water since we are working with paper. This also gives a nice sheen which makes the papers look like leather.

Step 4: Take each piece and crease the center of the bottom of the teardrop. Crease to the left and right of the center crease. Bend the ‘petal’ to curve the piece.

Step 5: Hot glue the large petals onto a piece of circular 2” felt, layering the petals as you go. Follow this with the smaller petals, also layering as you glue. Set aside.

Step 6: Cut out a 2” square from another patterned paper and glaze with some matte gel medium. Wait for it to dry then seal it with Super Seal.

Step 7: Take a brad and place it in the center of the square piece. Form the paper around the brad, making sure the sides are taught. Take a small elastic band and secure the formed paper around the base. Trim the excess paper so that it doesn’t show beyond the sides of the brad. Trim any excess of the metal base as well.

Step 8: Take some border stickers and some very fine wire. I used 2 sets of the same border so that it would be placed back and front.

Step 9: Place the wire in the center in between the 2 pieces of border stickers.

Step 10: Hot glue the covered brad onto the center of the petals. Curl the wired border sticker around a pen. Cut into varied lengths. Hot glue the curled pieces under the brad. Hot glue the flower on the headband. Make sure to hold it in place until the glue cools.

Hope you enjoy these quick and fun techniques on how to turn some of our scrapbook materials into some awesome and chic pieces of fashion for your wardrobe.

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Deslynn said...

Too cool. Never thought to do this. :) Thanks for sharing.