Member Monday with Lucy Edson

Welcome to a new and almost the last Layout of the Week for 2009. Today we have a layout chosen by Lucy Edson who chose Leeann Pierce's layout. "She Was Shy When She Was Four".

Lucy said, "Leeann's style is such a stand out with the multiple textures and handmade elements she adds, in this layout I loved her layered fringy border with the little flags and the multi photo grouping."

Read the little interview below to learn more about Leann and her style.

Lucy: I love your 'handmade freestyle' style. Do you come from a sewing background into scrapping? Tell us a bit about it.

Leeann: No, sorry no background in sewing, but I did do some in high school. I wasn’t very good at it… lol…. I begged my DH for a sewing machine so I could mend the girls' clothes. "Yeah right!" he said. So anyway I did get that machine and started to teach myself. Sometimes it’s the only way to learn by jumping in with your two feet first!!!! Now I think I’m pretty good only on paper but fabric is a different story. But I will get there and mend the kids clothes. Really I will. Just gotta finish this layout first…lol

Lucy: You use a lot of non-traditional supplies in your scrapping. What is the most extreme you have tried?

Leeann: oooooooh I am yet to fine that “extreme” object now. You have just set me a challenge Lucy!!!! I do often look at my floor…lol. Do you think DH would notice if I peel away a slab of wood grain vinyl...

Lucy: What products are your 'must haves'?

Leeann: Paint, black and white gel pens, “I heart buttons”, a scrap of fabric, sewing machine, anything spottie, circle punches and my Cro-a-dile. I have always been a believer in the quality of your scrapping tools. It’s worth spending a good amount of dollars on! I always look at a tool that can offer me multi functions too! I hate stuff that sit and collects dust!!!

Lucy: Do you spend a lot of time on your layouts? About how long?

Leeann: No because I have to scrap the next one that pops into my brain!!! Sometimes I get on a roll and will scrap 3 to 4 layouts at once. If something doesn’t work on that layout, I move it to the next one!!!! I know I have a lot of handmade stuff on my layouts and you all probably think that must take so long to do. “My secret is” ….. I have a basket of handmade goodies. Why make one when you can make ten. Then all you do is add it to your layout… job done! I also like to share my handmade stuff and will have giveaways and also do little a “How to” on my blog. I’m all about sharing. So to answer the question ……….lol an hour tops!!!!

Thanks, Leeann, for sharing a little of your creative process with us and your wonderful creations! You can check out more of Leann's work on her blog.


Jamie Harder said...

Love your work Leeann! You have such an incredible style!!

Janine Rachau said...

Cool layout!

...and, I'm a follower now.

Chris C said...

Awesome choice Lucy....very unique!!

Leeann Pearce said...

oh .....lookie here.... here i am ...and thanks for the comments girls... and thanks lucy for picking little old me!!!! you made my day actually you topped my year... thanks to you all at AMM ....mwah xxx

Sasha said...

that layout is spectacular WOW .. love love love the work