Technique Tuesday with Leeann Pearce-AMM Member

This week we have a Technique Tuesday from an AMM Member, Leeann Pearce. Today she is going to show the quick steps she follows to make these custom denim embellishments.

How to make your own “Denim Cloud and Circle Buttons”

Step 1:
Draw a cloud template and trace onto scrap of denim. Draw some circles too.

Step 2: Cut out the shapes. Now you have 2 options to stiffen the fabric:
1- Back shape with a smaller piece of cardstock
2- Give a couple of coats of a gel medium (but not the edges)

Step 3: Once shapes are dry from the medium, stamp a design using bubble wrap and paint.

Step 4: Use your Crop-a-dile and punch holes and set eyelets. Thread with wool and knot. Add detail stitches to the circle buttons using embroidery thread. Now just fray the edges using your fingers.

All finished - now just scrap a layout using your handmade denim buttons.

Here are some detail shots.

Thanks Leeann! These are really cute and a really affordable and green way to scrap. If you would like to see a technique of yours posted her on the blog to share with the AMM community be sure to email instructions and full color pictures to myself or Michelle.


Anonymous said...

omg! that is brilliant! thanks for sharing :)


Jamie Harder said...

Fabulous tutorial Leeann!!!! THANKS!!!

Ceci said...

What a fun idea..thanks Leeann! :)

Leeann Pearce said...

Thanks everyone...and i might just add that it was "LUCY EDSON" who gave me that tip on using a gel medium to stiffen the denim... thanks Lucy your a doll!!!

and i really like using the gel medium too..mwah... hope to see some creations from you all now!!!

thanks Jenn for posting...

Sasha "sweet thang" Holloway said...

OKay WOW .. love this .. all of it .. great great technique

lari scrap said...

Love this, amazing Leeann!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Kathleen said...

Love it!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the CraftCrave Handcraft Items search engine today (look for timestamp: [24 Jan 02:00pm GMT]).