Technique Tuesday with Sasha Holloway

How often do you find yourself with scraps of papers from layouts you have created and they either end up in a drawer or in the trash? Most people create cards, ATC's and or just do different types of mini albums or art journaling. Myself, I love to create mini things like 4x4 layouts and key chains for my kids to play with. I also use scraps as elements on a page. So here I have created a technique for you that will show you just how to utilize those little things in the cutest way possible.

1. You want to pretty much gather all of your small peices of papers that you have remaining and/or you can cut a few of your favorite pieces to form a mini layout. The size we are going to be working with today is 4x4.

2. Go ahead and have your pictures already printed. I took a photo that was naturally slanted in the way that it is due to the way the picture was taken and cropped. So I guess not so natural however it works for the size layout we are working with. But any wallet size photo will work as well.

3. Have your journaling also completed that you will use on your mini if you are not going to handwrite it.

4. I used the Martha Stewart Circle Cutter for all of my circles and either use the outer rims of them or the inner. For this layout we are using the solid cirlce that is FULL and putting that behind the photo that is layered. Once we do that, you will glue that all down, and as you see I use a hot glue gun on all my layouts. (Please note: I do not endorse it I just use it because that is what works for me).

5. At this point it is the layering portion that you can do anyway you choose and however fits your style. I am a freeballer and love little elements and cluster at times, so I chose to do this since we are working with such small space.

6. Ink the edges of your journaling so that it pops a litte more and glue it down per your choice.

7. Photograph the layout and you are done. I hope you enjoyed this simple little project and I cannot wait to see if you all try it.


Nitasha said...

ohh...tooo cute! I'll be trying this soon!

Tina S said...

Just beautiful! I'm a mini girl, too.

Leeann Pearce said...

so awesome Sasha..thanks for sharing !!!!