Member Monday with Sasha Holloway

Welcome to a new Member Monday with Sasha Holloway. This week Sasha has chosen the layout below by Leeann Pearce. Sasha said, "I think this layout is simply adorable. I love the texture of it using the denim and paint. It is amazing with all of the photos. I love that she took a chance on her layout with so many photos and little things going on. Your eyes still follow the story."

"Snaps" Leeann Pearce

Here's a little interview Sasha did with Leeann. Read on to learn more about her.
1. What was your vision behind creating the layout? It’s all about the “Pac Man” embellishments. I wanted to recreate the game, plus I knew that I wanted to use lots of smaller photos. I googled the game and had a bit of a play while I was there. “Patching”, that’s what came into my head and then I knew it had to be highlighted in some way. That’s the stitching and the buttons are the dots that the pac man eats. The photos had to be totally cute and fun of course.

2. Are you a freelance scrapper or do you have to have a sketch or something in front of you to begin? I am free, but lately I find that I am inspired by what is on display in shop fronts. It’s the textures and materials that are grabbing me, not so much the arrangement. It's what they are throwing together that makes me think about the textures and materials. Totally mixing and not matching. But yet it works!!!

3. What is your favorite technique or product you just have to use on your layouts? Stitching. You can almost do anything you like. I love to use it randomly. It's always the finishing touch with a lot of my layouts. I love that you can mix it up by simply using 2 different coloured threads or even if you just pick at it for a more distressed look.
I love buttons simply because they come in so many different sizes, colours, textures, etc. I love to make my own buttons and make them” BIG” so that they pop off the page.

4. Your layouts are so free and colorful is that your favorite thing to use in layouts, tons of color? I love colour and love splashing it around. It brightens my day, it sets the mood. I love how the girls look through the albums and talk about the little details and the colour and how it makes them feel. They also can recall the events and places. Holly is reading well so she gets that little bit more from the page than Storm, but with Storm she will go and recreate what I have done and she too splashes colour everywhere!
Thanks Sasha and Leeann. Be sure to leave Leeann some love on this post and check out her gallery to get more inspiration.

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Jamie Harder said...

I LOVE your work Leeann!! This page is amazing!!!