Saying Goodbye to Lucy Edson

Sadly we have to say goodbye to a favorite designer here at A Million Memories, Lucy Edson. She has been a great inspiration to many of our members as well as fellow designers. I had the opportunity to meet Lucy at CHA in Orlando this past summer and two things about her that totally surprised me were how tall she is and that she isn't as quiet as I would have suspected!

Lucy is a super sweet lady brimming with inspiration and artistry. It was a real joy to meet her. I asked her to share some of her favorite kit layouts with us and invite you to wish her all the best with me as she pursues more time in her studio creating.

Lucy said, "I have loved my time on the design team at AMM, it is the first message board I ever joined a couple of years ago and Michelle has always been such an encouragement and friend to me. Thank you all so much for this experience!! It will be fun to sit back and be inspired by the rest of the team for a while."

"Little Lady" (from the December kit and sketch)

"First Day" (from the June kit)

"Grateful 4 U" (from the October Kit)

"Castles in the Air" (from the September kit)

"Just Waiting" (from the June kit)

"Moment" (from the August kit)

You can continue to follow Lucy's work on her personal blog. She promises us she will still be a part of the AMM community so be sure to look for her on the boards and in the gallery.


Leeann Pearce said...

You are just totally awesome Lucy..... thanks so much for your inspiration...good luck and all the best....mwah...I had to laugh at the not so quiet... i bet lucy can be loud and just heaps of fun!!!

Danielle said...

Lucy, you are an inspiration to me! I hope you'll continue to post your work here at AMM!

Lauren said...

good luck Lucy! I always loved seeing your work with the Kits!

Lucy Edson said...

Thanks so much! I loved my time on the AMM DT and I'll be seeing you all here. :)

Anabelle said...

You will certainly be missed! I don't know how you picked your faves, because everything you do is amazing!!

Charity Hassel said...

love your work Lucy!