Technique Tuesday with Staci Taylor

How many of you have letter stickers or chipboard letters out there that you
love, but the colors or style don't work for a particular layout? Today I am
going to give you some ideas for altering your letters to make them work for

Altering letters can be as simple as using spray inks or paints to change their
color as I did on this layout. I used spray inks to give my white letters a
random, marbelized effect.

Another idea is to use a pen or marker to draw designs on letters. One of my
favorite things to do is to simply outline letters to make them pop a bit. On
this layout, I first sanded my plain brown chipboard letters and then added in
polka dots with a marker for fun, whimsical letters.

I also love to use embossing powders. On this layout, I used gold metallic
embossing powder to give my chipboard letters a shiny, metal look.

I am also a big fan of beads. I have microbeads in many different colors, and
they would work wonderfully to cover chipboard because of their small size. On
this layout, I actually covered my chipboard letters with seed beads, which are
larger than microbeads, to completely change the letters' appearance, and I love
the effect!

When it comes to altering your letters, the options are endless! I hope you are
inspired to alter your letters in a new way to make them work for your layout!


Jenny said...

great tips! Thanks for sharing. Love your layouts.

e_donaldson said...

I absolutely love your ideas! Thanks so much for sharing (found you on craftgossip). I especially love the letters that you covered in beads!

- Elizabeth (

Anonymous said...
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Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

Great ideas, Staci!