Weekly Gratitude

I wanted to take a moment to fill you in on a little project I have been following, which is hosted by AMM member Lori Gentile and AMM designer, Karen Grunberg. It is called Weekly Gratitude and is such an amazing project.

Having recently taught a month long journaling class focused on journaling your thankfulness this project really caught my attention. the basic jist is to reflect more consciously on the people, things, and areas in your life for which you are thankful. Each month a specific theme is provided only as a means of inspiring some thoughts. This month's theme is work.

These ladies share their projects, give prompts and so on via a blog which you can find here. For my project I am creating a weekly journal card from these downloads provided on the website.

Here is my journal card for the first week of 2010.
This is my journal card for the second week of 2010.
I plan to put all of the cards together into a little 4x6 photo album when I find one I like. I am really enjoying this project because it is helping me to have to think about thankfulness and gratitude every day which is a really positive feeling.

I have added this widget to my blog linked to their site and you can too. I have also added it to the AMM blog sidebar in case you would like to link from here. I hope you will join in and share with us in the gallery.

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Michelle*G said...

I love the way your doing this gratitude project!