Little Something Sunday with Karen Grunberg

For this month's "lucky" theme, I wanted to show you a tag I made.
For this tag, I wanted to make a clover but I didn't have any green sequins, I only had gold ones. So I decided to make my own.

First thing I did was to punch out four hearts. I used this Martha Stewart punch:

I then glued my sequins on to the paper. I put a lot of them on so they covered all of the paper. I turned it around and cut the pieces of sequin sticking out. Since the sequin is a non-porous surface, I decided to use my alcohol ink to color it. I picked Meadow.
I squeezed a few drops into my alcohol ink applicator.
And then applied it directly to the sequins (demonstrating here with loose ones, but I did it directly onto the ones I glued to the heart.)

It's hard to see in the photo but the alcohol takes off some of the gold and applies a bunch of the green. If you do it enough and hold it long enough, you will see the sequin get greener and greener.
I then connected my hearts to make the clover shape and put another sequin in the middle with a bling on top. I used a little rope to complete my clover and sewed it in place. A few letters and some more stitching and my was done!

In the end, I think it actually turned out prettier than if the sequins were green since this way I get to see the color change and shimmer when I move the tag around.

If you have alcohol inks lying around, take this opportunity to play with them, they can be a lot of fun. And don't forget how lucky you are! :)


Michelle*G said...

Fun technique! Love this project!

Sylvia said...

That is a cute project! Coloring the sequins is really tuff, I thought I was really over the top, but this is way too much for me!