Saturday Special Edition with Rachel Hall!

Make a Mini Album in 2 Hours or Less!
I often times find myself with duplicate prints from favorite photo sessions that even though I may have already used the same photos on layouts, I can't bear to just toss into a box in storage. They are my favorites for a reason so they should be displayed in new ways rather than cast aside.

To solve this problem I came up with this easy and quick mini album made using items that I already had laying around and that I bet you do too!

Materials Needed:
4-6 pictures
scraps of paper and/or cardstock alphabet stickers, chipboard, etc
binder rings (or something to hold the book together)

Decide how many pages your book will be. Since you are using a thick cardboard for your base I would suggest no more than 6 pages.

2. Pick your photos for your book. If you want to have a 6 page book, choose 5 pictures, a 5 page book will have 4 pictures and so on.

3. Cut your cardboard into 4"x6" pieces, cutting the number of pages you need for your book.
Peel the top flat layer off of one of each of your cardboard pieces. Don't worry about perfection, it's the imperfect look that makes the cardboard look so good!

4. Adhere your photos to the smooth sides of your cardboard pieces.

5. Adhere cardstock to the piece with no picture on it. This will be the back cover of your book.

6. Since I used "Counting My Lucky Stars" as the theme to my book, I used stars as my main embellishment. Choose your theme and use purchased chipboard shapes or cut your own. You will need as many chipboard pieces as you have pages to your book.

7. Paint the chipboard pieces in the color theme of your book. Let dry.

8. Cover chipboard pieces with glue and apply glitter. Let dry. (I also like to spray my glittered pieces with Krylon triple glaze before using so that I do not have glitter flakes everywhere!)

9. Using your scraps, cut small pieces of patterned paper to layer on each page (corrugated side). They will serve as the base for your glittered chipboard. I cut all of mine the same for a uniform and simple look that is eye catching and so easy to do quickly!

10. Adhere these pieces to each page (corrugated side).

11. When they are dry, add the glittered chipboard pieces to your pages, on top of the paper pieces (corrugated side).

12. Add your mini album title and words to the cover and each page (corrugated side).

13. Add journaling strips (corrugated side).

14. Punch two holes on each page on the left side. Add rings, ribbon, or twine to hold your book together.


Michelle*G said...

This is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing it!

Brenda said...

WOW 2 hours!!!! I have to try this one! And I LOVE all the textures!!!

Shelley Haganman said...

YOU so rock!! Love the corrugated cardboard! Awesome album!

Tina S said...

Just darling! I think this would be a cool gift for anyone, really. I was thinking of sports photos where maybe you have doubles and want to do a little special project for all the kids on the team. I also love the idea of using your favorites in this album Cute! Thanks for the great idea!

Rosangela Philippsen said...

OMG... this is perfect for me! I love corrugated cardboard. Amazing, Rachel!!! Thanks for sharing
Ro Philippsen