Technique Tuesday with Stacy Cohen

One of my favorite non-scrapbooking products to use on my pages is gauze. You can either use regular gauze like the kind you buy in the bandage aisle at the drug store, or you can use cheesecloth material (I found some cheesecloth-like material at a local specialty fabric/upholstery store).

I start with plain white gauze and spray it with one or more colors of Shimmerz Spritz. Once dry, the Spritzed gauze can be used as a fluffy photo mat or background for a title. Here are a few examples:

You can also create an ethereal-looking background using gauze, cardboard, gesso, paints, Spritz and Mod Podge. Here is a step-by-step:

1. First prepare your background. Start with a piece of heavy cardboard and cover it with gesso:

2. Once the gesso is dry, brush/spray on Shimmerz paints and Spritz:

3. Spray your gauze or mesh with Spritz (I used two different colors here). I like to spray on waxed paper so that I can mop up every last drop of the Spritz:

4. Once the gauze is dry, adhere it to your cardboard with Mod Podge:

Note: if you want your gauze to look fluffy like it is on my layouts above, adhere it with just a little bit of adhesive rather than Mod Podge.

Here is the finished project:

It’s an easy way to add some interesting texture to your pages and projects!


Lany said...

very beautiful!!

Zarah said...

WOW! Stunning work!!

TeenaBugg38 said...

wow! whoda thunk it!!! thanks for such a great idea!!! I am definately gonna incorporate this into a project soon!!

Patty said...

Beautiful layouts! Thanks for the technique tip, I'll have to try this!

Sue said...

This is so pretty, Stacey. Thanks for sharing.

Márcia Elisa Ferraz said...

So beatutiful this pages...
And thank's for the technique tip!