Little Something Sunday with Tonya Dirk

Today we are sharing a little Easter love with this super cute BoBunny project from Design Team Coordinator, Tonya Dirk.

Isn't this just too cute! Tonya has written up some instructions for us on how to create these little carrots.

1. Cut a circle out of orange paper, mine was a 12 inch circle
2. Cut the circle into four so that you have four pieces that are identical
triangles with one edge that is arced.
3. I used decorative scissors to cut along the arced edge, that will be the top
part of the orange portion of the carrot.
4. Form each triangle into a cone and tape the edges.
5. Cut four 6x8" of green paper.
6. Fringe the first 6" of the green paper and leave the last two inches intact.
7. Apply double sided adhesive to the uncut edge of the green paper and adhere
to inside of the top of the carrot.
8. Tie a ribbon around the base of where the paper fringes start.

Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Easter!

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