Technique Tuesday with Kat Glossop

I love playing with fabric...and ink....and paint....basically anything that gets my hands all dirty! Here I’ll show you how I created the background piece for my “My Hand” layout.

I took a piece of calico, arranged two “Love” stamps using single alpha stamps, then used paint to stamp the words over the calico.

Once I was happy with the fabric, I allowed it to dry, then scrunched it up, applied a line of alcohol ink onto a felt applicator, then dabbed the scrunched material over and over, scrunching and re-scrunching.

I then used a new piece of felt on the applicator, added some Alcohol Blending Solution and rubbed it across the fabric, blurring the alcohol ink splotches, until I was happy with the result.


Danielle said...

super cool! i just love this page, Kat!

Zarah said...

Absolutely FANTASTIC! Kat rooooocks!

רחלי גזית said...

So cool.

alex said...

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