Little Something Sunday with Rachel Hall

Creating Distressable, Multi-Toned, Embossed Cardstock
* As featured in the AMM NSD Online Crop

Materials Needed:
Cuttlebug and Embossing Folders for Cuttlebug (Or any machine that embosses)
Gesso or Paint
Foam Brush

1.) Paint on your chosen cardstock using Gesso or paint. For this tutorial and project I used Gesso. Cover as much as you need for your embossing system. For the Cuttlebug folder I covered a 4"x6" area.

2.) Let dry.
3.) When the Gesso or paint is dry, cut your cardstock down to size if you have not already.
4.) Place cardstock into your embossing folder. For the Cuttlebug, place it in the folder right side (side painted with Gesso) UP.

5.) Run through machine.

6.) Remove the cardstock from your embossing folder.

7.) Now you can sand and distress your embossed cardstock!

8.) Use your new embossed and distressed cardstock on a project- this size is perfect for cards like the one pictured above.

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LollyChops said...

What a cool technique! I love the results!

Thanks for the tutorial!