Little Something Sunday with Staci Taylor

These rolled ribbon and fabric flowers are so popular right now. During our National Scrapbook Day Crop Staci Taylor showed us how to make some from ribbon we all probably have stashed away somewhere.

*The following tutorial was featured on the message boards during our NSD Crop.

All you need is a thicker ribbon (mine is 1.5 inches thick) and a needle and some thread.

Measure your ribbon out to about 24 inches long for a medium sized flower. I call the technique for these flowers "twist and roll." You will be twisting the ribbon first and then rolling it up. So, to start, take a corner of your ribbon and begin twisting it:

Now you will begin the rolling. Holding the end of your twisted sections, start rolling it inwards:

You will continue to twist the ribbon and roll it until you get close to the end:

Once you are near the end, leave a section untwisted that is about the width of your flower:

You are going to tuck this untwisted section under your flower so that the underside of the flower looks like this:

Now, flip your flower back over and grab that needle and thread. Pulling the thread up from the bottom side, you are going to make little stitches through each layer of rolled flower to secure it to that piece underneath. This will keep your ribbon from unrolling and falling apart:

If you have a glue gun, you could probably avoid the whole sewing thing and simply glue the flower together as you roll it up. I do not have a glue gun (shame on me!), so the sewing works just fine for me. When you are done sewing, you will have something that looks like this:
You can really experiment with these flowers! You can experiment with looser versus tighter rolls, and you could also embellish the center with some pearls or rhinestones if you'd like a fancier flower. The sky is the limit!

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Bente Fagerberg said...

Thank you so much for this lovely little tutorial! I shall have to try it very soon./ Bente