May Design Team Inspirations

This month the design team was inspired by Jennifer Longenecker. She posted this super cute layout in our gallery and the design team decided to take some inspiration from it to create their own layouts. So let's have a look at what the design team did!

"Dreams of Chocolate Bunnies" by Jennifer Longenecker

First up is Karen Grunberg's take. Karen said, "I loved everything about this layout. The design, the topic, the way all the elements are layered. But my favorite part is all the mediums used. There's stitching, there's paint, there's cutting, there's mesh. It must be a delight to touch this. I also loved that there were black and white and colors together. I used a series of photos instead of the same one but I did vary the black and white and color as well. I also placed my photos the same way and in the same location. And I stitched and painted as well. I also used upbeat, happy colors to emulate the wonderfully happy feeling of this layout."
"The Unworn Hat" by Karen Grunberg

Next up is Kat Glossop with this fantastic layout. Kat said, "I was inspired by the design of Jennifer's page, with the photo and title up in the left corner. I also loved the stitched paint mat, and what looks like a material mat as well - gorgeous!"
"Shh" by Kat Glossop

I love this take on Jennifer's layout done by Tonya Dirk. Tonya said, "I love the three pictures that Jennifer used up in the left hand corner, I decided to substitute the two side photos with patterned paper."
"A Not So Happy 4th" by Tonya Dirk
And last but certainly not least is this adorable take from Rachel Hall. Rachel said, "I love the row of three photos and all of the handcut/diecut details used in the layout so I had to replicate that look in my layout. I also love how the title was broken up into different fonts and type and used that as well in breaking up what would be a long title for my layout."
"No, No, No!" by Rachel Hall
Thanks so much to Jennifer and the design team girls for the awesome inspiration!

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