Member Monday with Larissa Albernaz

It's Monday and you know what that means. We have a new Layout of the Week and this week's pick comes from Larissa Albernaz who chose this layout by Zarah. Larissa said, "I love Zarah´s design, the color palette, the beautiful photos and the movement she added to her gorgeous page."

"Anna: by Zarah

Here is a little interview Larissa sent the AMM Super Diva, Zarah so read on and don't forget to leave some love for her on this post! We can all use a little praise right?

1) Tell us a bit about yourself. What got you started in scrapbooking? I'm Zarah. I'm an almost 31-year old Swede with a passion for dark chocolate, bling and puns...! ;)I've been scrapping for little over four years, and it all started after I got this idea that it'd be fun to make my own cards. It sorta escalated and... here I am! ;)
2) What three supplies would you not scrap without? White cardstock, flowers and alphabet stickers.
3) What is your favorite part about scrapbooking? The way it makes me feel. I get all happy and relaxed - plus: scrappy people are THE sweetest! I've gotten so many amazing friends through this, it's almost unreal. :)
4) What are your favorite products and manufacturers? Bazzill, Petaloo and Zva, probably! I'm also addicted to the ColorBox Fluid Chalks. ...and I could probably go on forever, but these are the ones I keep turning to, no matter what.
5) Tell us about scrapbooking [art and craft] in your country. Sweden is a blooming scrappy country, in more sense than one. ;)When I first started, there weren't a lot of shops available, and there was basically just one online forum for meeting like-minded - but that changed so rapidly! Now, there are tons of Internet stores, as well as a bunch of brick and mortal ones - and the hobby keeps on growing. We have a lot of very talented scrappers, and a lot of them are on really huge international teams. Most of all, I believe that the joy of making things with your own hands (after an era where store-bought beat homemade every time, in every way) is international, and here to stay!

You can check out Zarah's AMM gallery here and have a peek at her blog for more inspiration.


Zarah said...

Thank you for having me! ♥

Anna said...

Wohooo, well deserved, Z! And thank you for immortalizing me as well... Love you! <3

Em said...

That is a beautiful layout Zarah. You so deserve the are awesome! x

cheryl mezzetti said...

I just love your work Zarah - this layout is so beautiful

Mireille said...

totally gorgeous!! great work - as usual-