Design Team Inspirations

The beginning of a new month means a new Design Team Inspirations post. This month the design team was inspired by Zarah who created this gorgeous layout below. The design team took her original layout and drew some inspiration from it to create their own.

Here is Zarah's layout. Zarah said, "Very Swedish, in the colour of our flag. Basically, a small declaration of my love for this place."

And now on to what the design team created. First up is Larissa.
Larissa said, "I adore Zarah´s layout! I really think this is one of the most beautiful layouts I´ve ever seen! I love how simple it is, but pure poetry! Every bit of this is fantastic, but I especially like her color combo inspired by the Swedish flag colors, her panoramic small photos and the movement she added to the page. Congrats, Zarah, your work is amazing. My layout, Lonely Road, tries to make some poetry too. I scraplifted her background papers, the small panoramic photos idea, the movement and colors, but added my fun touch."
Lonely Road by Larissa Albernaz

Kat said, "I was inspired by Zarah's design, with the flowing flowers over the page,and the little date at the top right corner - so simple, but something I've not thought to add! Oh oh, and that rolled corner, gorgeous."
Delight by Kat Glossop

Tonya said, "I loved the rolled back paper. The way she scattered all of those little embellies is fabulous! I tried to incorporate that without it looking so much like a copy job."
Reach for the Sky by Tonya Dirk

Staci said, "I was inspired by the scattering of flowers on this gorgeous layout. Instead of flowers, I used butterflies to try to recreate a similar effect."
Dancing Queen by Staci Taylor

And then there is this layout by Karen Grunberg. Karen said, "I loved all the layers and distressing in the layout. I loved the long rectangular photos, too. I didn't have photos like that so I used patterned paper to create the same effect."
The Joy of Play by Karen Grunberg

Last, but not least, is this layout by Rachel Hall.
Rachel said, "Of course I was immediately inspired by Zarah's use of embellishments with her spray of flowers across her page and just had to replicate it with a bunch of punched out butterflies! I am also a fan of how she used two similar photos and the way that she placed them on her layout and thought it was the perfect placement for some wallet sized prints. Thank you for the inspiration, Zarah!"
Simply Enchanting by Rachel Hall

Thanks to Zarah for the inspiration and thanks to the design team for playing along. If you would like to see the design team get inspired by your work all you have to do is create and be sure to upload to the gallery. We are always on the look out for fresh inspiration!


Zarah said...

Oh my... THANK YOU!! *honoured, moved & HAPPY*

lari scrap said...

Congrat´s Zarah!
And fantastic lifts everybody!

Kathleen said...

Congrats Zarah!!! Gorgeous page :)


Guiseppa said...

I love all of these! Beautiful work ladies!

Scrapamum said...

Congrats Zarah! All of these layouts are just gorgeous!!!

Kathy Martin said...

Fantastic! These are all quite creative! :)

Christine said...

Congrats Zarah!! Your layout is amazing. Love the lifts too. Everyone did a fantastic job!
xoxo, Chrisitne

Larajc said...

these are gorgeous!

Tettiz said...

Gorgeous layouts, ladies!!

Mahlin said...

I adore Zarahs original Layout and the team made awesome lifts!