Technique Tuesday with Kay Rogers

Here is a fun project you can tackle with your kids. It didn’t take long at all, and Jenna is thrilled with the results. We made magnets out of bottle caps that you can use in multiple ways. But first things first.

You need The following supplies to start. Small rub-ons, stickers, patterned papers, glue and/or glue dots, jewels, and a 1” hole punch.
As I went through my stash and found things that I thought would work, Jenna cleared the space for me. When I turned around, this is what I saw. The girl likes to be organized!

Punch the circles out of patterned papers (I used an 8x8 paper pad) and add stickers, words, bling, chipboard, you name it. When you are done, attach it to the bottom of the bottle cap.

Here’s my gal hard at work.

Here are some of the caps before adding the glue.

Then we filled them with this resin. I got the resin at Michaels. This is a job for adults only. After you pour the resin, you may get bubbles. To get rid of them, simply run a hot air gun (for embossing) over the top and the bubbles pop. You can do this for several hours after pouring in the resin.

Let the resin dry overnight. Then glue magnets onto the back of the caps.

Here’s what you can do with the caps. You could put them in a tin and give them as a gift,

Then they could be used a refrigerator magnets.

Another idea is to attach a washer to some sort of rope, and attach the bottle cap to make a necklace.

I attached this washer using Fabri-Tack to a headband. Here is the end result.

The nice thing about the necklace is you can switch out the bottle caps and add new ones to match different outfits.

If I were to do it over again, I would have flattened the caps slightly before starting. A couple of rough moments with the hammer, and I abandoned the idea. But if they were flatter, they wouldn’t need as much resin to fill, and would be both lighter and flatter.

So break out those scrap supplies and make some magnets!

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Lorna May said...

your girl can come to my house to scrap anytime. Not only can she teach me to be tidy but show me some amazing craft ideas.
Thats great XX