Member Monday with Kat Glossop

Here with a new Member Monday inspiration is Kat Glossop. Kat chose the layout below by Michelle, also known as "mommy5x" on the message boards. Kat said, "It's so textured and the colors are beautiful."

"Son Flower"

Here is a little interview Kat did with Michelle to help us get to know her a little better.
1. First up, can you tell us a bit about yourself? I am a mother of 5 wild, magnificent children. I have a huge passion for photography and scrapbooking and my children are my inspiration for both.

2. This page is stunningly beautiful, and those flowers are perfect, it made me wonder which came first? The photo or the flowers? And which do you normally begin with (ie. Photos or products) I took this photo last year of my 2 younger boys and finally found the Prima vine that I was looking for. Most of my layouts are inspired first by the photo.....but one of my worst habits is that I love to scrap the newer photos and forget about the older ones. I will admit though there are certain products that get my mojo going before the photo does.

3. The photo is equally stunning, where was it taken? This photo was taken in behind our home. We live on a farm and I am very fortunate to have an endless area to photograph.

4. Sneaking a peak over at your blog I've noticed you have a lot of texture on your pages, do you have any tips/tricks for making your pages jump off the screen? I love to ink everything....I find it adds a dimension to the paper and layout....I also love lots and lots of layers and colors. One of the photo editing tips that I can give you is something that I always do is to add extra black balance. I find this makes little detail makes the photo pop.

Thanks girls!


Cokie Pop Paper Boutique said...

What a gorgeous layout.

Zoe said...

WOOOHOOOO Michelle! Your work rocks and I luv ya! xxx