Technique Tuesday with Kat Glossop

I've seen so many gorgeous art journals lately I thought I'd make a mixedmedia inspired background for my page this week - perfect for using up scraps!

First up, cut down a piece of scrap cardboard to 12 x 12.

Cover it in mod podge to seal it.

Paint the background, here I've used 1 part Gel Medium to 3 parts paint justto get a little more texture.

Add strips of torn paper.

Here I've roughly cut out a flower shape and doodled around it.

This time mix 1 part Gel Medium to 1 part white paint and paint it thinlyover the whole page, add in dashes of other color if desired.

Use bubble wrap or other stamps to add more patterns to the page.

Add masks using misting sprays/airbrush/paint.

Then use a stencil to create the title.

Doodle around the title and use torn masking tape to attach the photo.

You can play around with more layers, adding stamps, more paper, stencils,then just add embellishments to finish it off.


Jennifer L. said...

This is so cute Kat! Great technique.

רחלי גזית said...

Stunning! I just love it!