Technique Tuesday with Zoe Nemburt

Hi ladies! thanks for visiting, today I would like to show you how I altered a small wooden birdhouse using Echo Park's new gorgeous paper collection "Walk in the Park" available in the A Million Memories Store here.

I found these super cute wooden birdhouses from the dollar store!! I purchased 3 and have already decorated 2, I love the whimsical look they give scattered around the house.

I started by painting the areas I wouldn't add paper of trim too, I wouldn't worry about making a mess the rest you will cover over any way.

This is the tricky part, I measured from the bottom to top of the birdhouse and cut a strip of that width, then I punched a small hole in the center the same height as the perch and pushed it over the perch onto the house, The I pressed the paper into the corners and used precision scissors to trim off the excess, You could do the same with a precision knife. Glue as you go around the edges, smoothing the paper flat as you go. If you want to finish the back of neatly you can with the same method only cut the paper to the exact size to fit and don't wrap the paper towards the front.

Next take a file and file down the paper at the edges, this birdhouse featured a little heart.

The roof was simple I cut a strips of paper about 1/2 inch wide and glued with fabritac and trimmed off the edges. I then sanded the edges to give a subtle distressed feel.

Time to get busy with trims, super easy just a fine bead of glue around the edges and adhere the ribbons and trims as you go.

After embellishing here is what the birdhouse can look like finished. Thanks so much for stopping by today, I hope I have inspired you to create today.


Kathy Martin said...

So TWEET! :)

Aline Salmon said...

So cute!!! I loved this little house!!!

Anonymous said...

So adorable Zoe, I love it !!

Gisèle said...

beautiful Zoe:-)

Mayumi said...

Super cute!!! I love it! :)

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