Little Something Sunday with Kay Rogers

Variation on a theme.

I was thinking about Christmas, and making cards, wondering how long it would really take to actually MAKE them as opposed to buying them. I decided to do a trial run, and see how long it took to make 6 SIMPLE cards. The answer? An hour. Depending on how many holiday cards you send, I think this is a doable task, even for the time impaired!

To streamline the process, I buy blank, premade cards. That way I know the card fits in the envelope. I cover the front, and viola! I started by cutting out six labels and 6 trees with my Cricut. Punches would work as well. Total time? 8 minutes. I covered the faces with inked patterned papers. I also printed “Merry Christmas” on white cardstock and backed it with red papers.

Here is my first, most basic card:

I then stared thinking about how I could mix it up a bit. So I added a scalloped strip of paper to the second card.

I then turned the card on its side and mixed it up again.

Then I thought of another variation, to round the corners of the card itself, and the papers I used to cover it. I also decided to offset the greeting. Baby steps for linear-sequential little me! LOL!

I also thought it could be interesting to add some fibers and pop up the greeting.

I did it again with a horizontal orientation.

I hope you have been inspired to try making your own holiday cards this year. I think it could be done easily enough if you stick to one simple design. If you get bored, mix it up a bit!

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