Little Something Sunday with Staci Taylor

Hi everyone! With the holiday season in full gear and present wrapping
underway, I thought I'd show you how to make your own gift bags so that you can
personalize them with the paper of your choosing. I used the adorable Christmas
Words paper by Echo Park from this month's beautiful kit, "Granny's Notions".

The first thing you want to do is trim your 12x12 paper to 9x12.

Next, you want to score two folds on the reverse side of your paper (with the
side that you want to show facing down) - the first fold should be 1 inch from
the top, and the second fold should be two inches up from the bottom.

Now make the folds.

Now, you will need to score some vertical lines going across your bag - the
first panel will be 3.5 inches, the next panel will be 2.25 inches, the third
panel will be 3.5 inches again, the fourth panel will be 2.25 inches again, and
the last section will be a .5 inch flap that will get glued to the first panel.

Now it's time to make the folds on your scored lines. Put adhesive on that .5
inch flap and glue it under the left most panel, forming the body of the bag.

Now, flip your bag upside down and pull up the two inch section.

Now fold in the shorter sides, creating two triangular sections on the longer

You will now fold the triangles onto each other, gluing them down to the bottom of the bag.

Depending on the weight of your paper, at this point you may want to glue down a piece of chipboard or heavy cardstock to the inside floor of your bag for extra support.

Now, to finish the bag, you can punch holes, set eyelets and add ribbon for

Now it's time to fill your gift bag and give it to one
lucky recipient :-)

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