Little Something Sunday with Jennifer Longenecker

Today I'm going to show you how to make a quick little tag using some un-scrappy items.

1. Gather your supplies:
pattern paper
edge distresser
hot glue gun
hot glue

2. Determine the location for your rub-on and rub it on your tag.

3. Trace the tag onto the backside of your pattern paper and cut out.

4. Distress the edges of the pattern paper tag. You can use scissors or an edge distresser for this technique.

5. Lay the pattern paper tag over the original tag to determine where you need to create a window for the rub-on to show through. Once you've determined the location you can use your distresser to make a small tear in the pattern paper tag. Once torn you can roll the edges back and continue to tear the tag until you've got a window large enough for your rub-on to show through.

6. Turn the pp tag over and adhere some trim to the back making sure that at least half of it shows through when turned over.

7. Adhere pp tag to the original tag.

8. In the center of the tear add the bird and stick using hot glue.

9. Punch a hole through the pp tag and add ribbon.

That's all there is to it. I hoped you enjoyed this quick little tutorial.

1 comment:

Mayumi said...

Wow! Amazing, Jennifer! I loved the way you made the tag! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration!