Scrap Space Solutions with Ro Philippsen

My scrapbook workstation is very simple!!!

There is a glass top desk that fits perfectly where I scrapbook. It is easy to clean, durable, very versatile and gives a fresh, clean and modern look as a craft desk.

This is a cutlery drainer that turned into a scissors, rulers, brushes, pens and tweezers holder. It can hold various scrapbook supplies.

There is a box with some of my creations: cards and mini-books

Acrylic box with my Thickers and alphabets. A big part of keeping a more organized craft room is creating space to store products and grouping different types of items together in easy to access containers. Clear plastic storage boxes are a great way to do this. It is great to find what is inside, without needing to open the box and dig through it.

In fact, there is one more acrylic box which I store my newest papers. A great way to organize my scrapbook papers so that it is easy to find the perfect color for a project.

There are two cute needle-felt cupcakes.


Chrissy said...

These are some GREAT (and cute) storage ideas. Thank you for sharing your space!

Rachel רחלי גזית said...

Oh how i love posts about storage solutions.

Márcia Elisa Ferraz said...

Thank you Rô for your great ideas!

Dana Tatar {datatar} said...

Hi Ro! I wanted to let you know that your ideas are fabulous. Scrapbook News and Review Magazine would like to feature you and your ideas for our scrapbook organization section! Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks! Dana - dtatar-at-scrapbooknewsandreview-dot-com

cvanholstein said...

The cutlery drainer is sooo cool! :)
Thanks for the idea!
Kind regards,
Corina (the Netherlands)

debbi said...

where did you get these acrylic boxes? great idea!

cjknick said...

Such good, practical and cute ideas! Off the subject here a bit... how do you mail your lumpy/chunky cards? I've been trying to come up with good ideas but haven't had an epiphany yet :( I'd appreciate your input.