Technique Tuesday with Marie

I was inspired by a sweet braided headband I seen on Violet bellas blog. I wanted to make my own with the sweet bits that were in the AMM kit. I love how it turned out and it was super easy. Here is what I did.

1. Gather your fabric. I like to use vintage fabrics that I find at thrift stores, etsy, or flea markets. I also used tulle I got from the dollar tree.

2. You will need 3 stripes. I tore my strips of fabric. They can be as chunky or as thin as you like. (this would also look fab with yarn)

3. Put the 3 strips together and tie a knot.

4. All you need to do is start braiding. Just like you do to your childs hair or your best friend in high school. (I held the knot in my mouth...You can have your kids help you with this part if you like.)

5. Now add your little embellishments. I loved the butterflies and the felt flowers in the kit. I wanted to add them to the headband. All I did was remove the sticky from the back of the felt flower. Hot glue the butterfly to the flower then hot glue the flower to the headband.

6. I added feathers because I love feathers but you can add whatever you like. Hot glue away! You can wear it on the top of your head.

7. You can also wear it around the forehead. I love it both ways. To fasten it just tie in the back. I have seen it super long and weaved in and out of a bun or braid. Very lovely! Enjoy!

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