Technique Tuesday with Staci Taylor

Today's Technique Tuesday is The Anatomy of Card Making. I am not a card making
expert by any means, so I thought it would be helpful for other newbies for me
to show you the steps I took to make this thank you card.

Since this is a shaped card, I first selected my shaped pattern paper, folded it
in half and cut off one of the ends.

I like using papers that have interesting images that can be cut out or layered upon, so I cut this frame out to use as a "window".

Next, I covered the inside of the card with a matching paper so that it would show through the window.

Since I had my "window" frame, I cut out another frame from matching paper to
add to the side since that side was a little too empty for my taste.

Next, I added my sentiment on the inside of the card so it would show
through the window.

My very final step involved embellishing the card. I handcut some small flowers from a sheet of matching paper and added them to a stemmed flower embellishment (using pop dots for added dimension).

There you have it - a few simple steps to make a handmade card for someone :-)