Technique Tuesday with Zoe Nemburt

Hey everyone Zoe here and I want you to drop absolutely everything and use your Border Punches!! Well ok don’t drop everything, lol, but we all have lots of border punches. They have become a huge staple in our scrappy supplies in recent years and I find I reach for them for almost every layout.

We have all been seeing more and more punched backgrounds recently. This look is very easy to achieve and adds so much dimension and texture to a layout without it becoming bulky, so for my layout today I punched with 4 border designs and layered them up.

You only need 1 sheet of pattered paper and this looks cool with just plain cardstock too.

Step 1: Cut a 4 x 12 strip off from the edge do not discard this piece as we can use it as an extra border or two.

Step 2: Punch along your 8 inch edge and then trim 1inch from the bottom of the design so if your design is deep then you should have at least a 2 inch strip this makes the layering process so much easier. Continue to punch and then trim until you have used up your sheet including the 4 x 12 strip you cut off earlier and begin to layer.

I layer from the bottom I just add a dab of glue to the lowest edge, then you can just tuck each border design in a little to position it correctly. You can have so much fun with this technique. Use the same punch, use different punches, it’s up to you. Just make sure you have fun. Thanks for popping over for our Technique Tuesday post.



It's a wonderful page! I loved!!!

Chrissy said...

I definitely loved reading this one! And I realize now that I need to stock up on border punches...and punches in general! Thanks!

Patrícia Fernandes said...

Just love it!

Rosangela Philippsen said...

Love love, Zoe!
Thanks for sharing.

Mayumi said...

Amazing, Zoe!!! Thanks for wonderful inspiration!