Little Something Sunday with Marie Ramirez

Today I am sharing with you a simple easy Valentines day card I made for a friend.

card base
embroidery needle
embroidery floss
background stamp or pp of your choice
Index card
Paper piercer *optional
mouse pad *optional

We are going to make our own heart embroidery template.

1. Take index card and fold in half.

2. Draw half a heart with your pencil or just free hand it. (I free handed mine but after connect the dots with the pencil so you could see.)

3. When you open it up you will have a full heart. I did one more hole at the tip.

4. Place your template over your card base and punch the holes with your paper piercer or your needle. Don't go through both sides. Make sure to put something squishy in between like a mouse pad or bit of foam. *you can either stamp your card before you do this step or after. If you are using paper to cover your card it is best to do it before.

5. Begin to embroider your heart. Come up one hole above where you would normally start.

6. Go in the first hole. ( the one behind the hole u started in)

7. Come up the hole in front of the hole you started in.

8. Go back through the hole you started in.

9. Repeat and your card will look something like this. Very simple and very easy. You can add tiny alphas to the inside of the heart that say Be Mine, sweet, love or whatever you desire.

Hope you have a wonderful valentines day and if you make anything using these steps I would love to see! :)


*fauve* said...

What a cute card!I love the idea.Havn´t done handstitching for a while because i became a lazy sewing machine sewster. :)

Totally love the colors here!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Adorable Marie!!! xoxo