Member Monday with Jennifer Longenecker

This week it was my turn to choose the Layout of the Week. I chose this LO by Deanna Misner.

I love everything about this LO from the white space to the way she matted her photo, but my favorite thing is the orange banner. I just adore the way she doodled on it and the way the banner lays.

I asked Deanna a few questions to help us get to know her a little better. Here's what she had to say...

1. What is your favorite thing about scrapbooking? I love the process. I love how a layout comes together, how going through the "what if I try this" questions end up being a part of my creation. And of course I love all the fun stuff too--handcutting, misting, doodling, embellishing...

2. Are there any things that seem to constantly appear on your LO's? I'd probably say I draw, outline or doodle on almost all my layouts. I like the blocked look too-the "framed" layout look. And I like to play with techniques too.

3. Do you have any other hobbies? This time of year, I love spending time planting flowers and starting our family's garden. I also love taking pictures, watching "my" shows, and reading.

4. Do you have any funny quirks you want to share with us? I have some silly scrapbooking quirks, like if I have buttons on a page their holes can never be exactly horizontal or exactly vertical. Silly I know. And I almost always post my latest LO on our refrigerator when it's finished. Then I walk to the other side of the room to get an idea of what it will look like as a thumbnail.


LolĂ´ Artesanato said...

Lovely page

Jean said...

Fantastic! Congrats!