Technique Tuesday with Staci Taylor

Today i'm going to show you how to give chipboard embellishments a face-lift using decorative tape. The tape I used is self-adhesive (by Tim Holtz), but you could use your own adhesive on yours if it doesn't already have some.

You will start out with a chipboard embellishment that you want to cover. Mine is naked, but it could be painted and/or decorated already, too.

I wanted to cover my chipboard in ruffles, so I began at the bottom of thechipboard. I put down a small section and then overlapped the tape upon itself, making a ruffle. As I completed a row, I made the next row above the completed row, making them slightly overlap.

Continue layering your tape until the entire chipboard is covered.

Now, flip your chipboard over, and get out an exacto knife. You are going to trim the tape all around your chipboard so that the pieces do not go past the edge of the chipboard.

Now, flip your chipboard back over, and have fun using your newly resurfaced chipboard on a layout. :-)

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lizzyc said...

wow! that is very clever!