Friday Five

If you haven't noticed we've been shaking things up a bit recently and posting more inspirational items on the blog. We are still posting tutorials, but we're posting them on the message board instead. We post a new tutorial every Friday. You can check out the most recent post here.

Now for today I'm going to post 5 photos that inspire me.

This is such a cute shot. You could use this pose for so many things including documenting a child's love for a certain sport.

This one hits close to home. We have a little vacation home on a lake and we've got so many good memories at that lake. I would love to take a picture like this with my kiddos.

I love this summer shot and how the photographer decided to add the pops of color to the wand and the flowers.

This one is my favorite. Don't you wish the people who set up carnivals set the rides up with photographers in mind. I love everything about this picture!

This one reminds me that no matter what is going on find the joy in every situation.

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