Continued Obsession with Easy To Make Christmas Trees

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Have you noticed how that owl trend came back? I have to admit, I love it now more than ever. In fact, I have a friend that just started to make little owl pillows that are TO DIE FOR! Her cute little treasures reminded me of these cute little papers that would be darling to use for your owl type projects with your free layered stickers. These are by My Minds Eye and at 1/2 price, they will only be $.25 (They were marked down from $1.50)!


I showed you all my quick and easy tutorial on making cute little tinsel Christmas trees A few days ago. My Son loved them so much, he even wants to make them now because they are SO simple. My next quest is to make some little houses. But for now, I wanted to show you a little tree that I made with some AMM Crochet Sequins trim. I only used about 2 yards of the trim and then took another yard of the pink tinsle trim and some pink pearl bead trim and wrapped them together and wrapped them around the tree. This one is a little more over the top I think, than the others, but it does seem to fit in when I put them together. I need to make another one, just so I have an odd number. Think that one might be a gold tinsel or red tinsel. We'll see!

In my last post, I didn't mention how much of the trim that I used. I would say, depending on the size of your tree, you would use anywhere from 2 - 6 yards. Considering the tinsel is only about $.79 per yard and it's now be 1/2 price - that's a deal! ;) I'll try and add more tinsel colors to our store this weekend too. I'm thinking that some cute little wreaths and garlands and all kinds of fun things can be done with this trim. Here's a quick run down of what we have in stock right now:

This is the pink sequins crochet trim that I used. It is .89 per yard and the tree I made used a little more than about 2 yards. To make a few of these, I would get 5 yards. :) This is super affordable, considering the sale. You can find the pink trim HERE.

Here are all of the tinsel trims that we currently have in stock. We also have some that are sold as double up packs. These are all HERE and sell for $.79 per yard. I would double up and get about 3-5 yards of each of these colors to make your cute little trees!

Hope you've enjoyed this and I hope to see you making some little tinsel trees too! Get creative and please share with us on your photo gallery!



Roxanne Mendoza said...

Those are so cute! I want to make some. :)

CalleLillyCafe said...

Okay I love owls so I HAD to have those stickers! I love those trees too! I made some w/curled cardstock but I have to make these new ones too! I just placed an order so I will soon enough! Thx!

Bestdayblogger said...

Hello MIchelle! :D Just to let you know I blogged about your lovely tutorial and added your link to the blog post. :D Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!